23 7 / 2013

Shit Menswear Bloggers Wear

Cecilia Doan is known for her on-point illustrated tumblr Shit Bloggers Wear, where she illustrates… well, you get the point. Admittedly, she isn’t as familiar with menswear bloggers as she is with others, so she teamed up with Jake Woolf and Four Pins for guidance on drawing some of the notorious items menswear bloggers wear. While this isn’t the full offering of what she illustrated, we at Cool News selected some of the more overused clothing tropes. We can’t wait to see other items that come out of this: lapel pins, backbladed ties, large brimmed fedoras – the possibilities are endless.

From Top: Boglioli Double-Breasted Jacket, John Lobb Double Monk Strap, Persol 0714, Popover Shirt, Supreme Power Corruption & Lies T-shirt, Broken In Selvedge, Visvim FBT

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